Programs and Grantmaking


PURPOSE: To improve or protect the wild viability and captive propagation of species and native habitats essential to the practice of falconry.


  • Engage in conservation partnerships to provide organizational support to ongoing research relevant to falconry raptors, prey species or habitats

  • Improve or protect the viability of wild raptor and game species necessary for falconry, especially those deemed by science to be threatened with extinction or in danger of becoming so

  • Support the development of vaccines or other medical interventions to protect falconry raptors from disease

  • Support captive propagation efforts by private and public entities for raptor or game species used in falconry

  • Effect through purchase, conservation easement, or other means the conservation of habitats necessary for viable raptor and game species necessary for falconry

  • Study habitats necessary for healthy raptor populations

  • Be responsive to negative environmental externalities, i.e., the BP spill in the Gulf, that may impact migrating raptors

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