Programs and Grantmaking


PURPOSE: To preserve the varied practice of falconry as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity and expand opportunities for its pursuit to all people, regardless of race, gender, geography or economic status.


  • Conduct and promote cultural exchanges among falconers in the Americas and around the world through electronic communications; audio/visual "virtual presence" programs; trade in materials goods and sponsorship of in-person multi-national visits 

  • Determine by means of social science the current demography of falconry practitioners in North America; its changes from the 19th Century to present; and expected trends in demography over the next 100 years

  • Apply funded Education programs to specific populations that may lack ready access to falconry and its positive cultural effects, such as impoverished inner-city, rural or Native American areas and among low-income and minority persons

  • Catalog the extent of falconry’s literature and ease free access to it via electronic or other means and by translation of the major modern works into English, Spanish, French or other common languages as may be spoken in North America

  • Provide financial support to individuals, especially those from low-income or other disadvantaged populations, to attend state and national falconry field meets and other gatherings where they may find greater exposure and social supports, equipment and information to improve their practice of falconry

  • Record, catalog and make available life and oral histories of notable North American falconers, their specific practices, beliefs, social connections and wisdom

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