Programs and Grantmaking


PURPOSE: In support of activities and initiatives that expose and enlighten the public to the art and practice of falconry; its present and historical practice, negligible impact on wildlife populations and many positive effects.



  • Initiate a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America and other scouting organizations to create a “Falconry Merit Badge,” wherein scouts demonstrate working knowledge of related falconry species, equipment, medical care, good stewardship and basic legal/regulatory language in their state

  • Model or partner with the existing national “Envirothon” program (supporting education to high school aged children about the “diverse environmental issues, ecosystems, and topography” of North America

  • Fund on an annual granting RFP basis:

    • University science programs related to graduate degrees in raptor conservation and the habitats utilized by raptors

    • Individuals and organizations that promote raptor educational programs (e.g. kindergarten to university) across Canada, Mexico and the United States.

    • Create a “Raptor Award” or similar annual recognition to acknowledge individuals who have made a significant contribution to the conservation of raptor species, their individual well-being (e.g., through improved husbandry technique), or advancing the future of falconry


  • Fund a robust and professional multi-media public relations effort to educate about falconry to a mass audience, via

    • High quality videos on falconry for YouTube and other internet sites

    • “Ted Talk” style lectures

    • Commercial quality websites featuring text, images and interactive components showing falconry in an accurate and favorable light

    • Contracted copywriting that supports a positive impression of falconry in print journals and newspapers nationwide

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